Giuseppe Nucci was born in 1982 in a small town between Abruzzo and Molise. Since he was a child he has always been motivated to find new ways of inspiration, then he moved to Fermo, where he attended the renowned ITIS “Montani” and reached the title of Computer Expert. In 2009, after finished his studies in Computer Science at the University of L’Aquila, he moved to Rome. Here, what seemed to be only a latent appeal to photography becomes a clear passion and he hold his artistic initiation. The cultural context where he is living offers him the opportunity to devote himself with dedication and passion to the study of this art. As a careful observer of the reality that surrounds him with a private temperament and as a sensitive lover of the little things, he finds in the photography his meaning of expression. In recent years, after learning the techniques and honed his aesthetic sense, he has started to focus his studies and works on the portraiture and on the wedding photography reports, a specific photo essay as a genre that allows him to enter directly in the “stories” he describes, though with discretion; an approach whose basic premise lies in the conception of photography as a storytelling tool. The essence of his work is the sum of two essential elements: the empathy he creates with the subjects retracted and the refined use of light. Moreover, the etymology of the word “photography”, “writing with light” bears multiple suggestions: grab, catch, staring through a philanthropic and curious attitude the motions of the human soul.

Work philosophy

In my photo session, every single photo is designed and produced exclusively by myself and not by third parties as I believe the report is the reflection of reality. Since the photos are not those shot for the fashion photography, I do not alter or adjust what I have specifically captured with the viewfinder, at the most, I try to enhance them slightly. Usually after three months we are able to provide  digital photos processed and selected plus the delivery of the rest of the photos at the highest resolution. This phase of selection of the images relies on the assistance of a photo editor whose role is specifically to determine how every shots could visually represent your story. We reserve the right to choose every photos since the “author” should tell the story and not the protagonists, but if the customer likes the post-production of other shots among those not chosen, we can provide them, as well as the insertion in the photograph album. Our philosophy: to reconcile ancient and modern granting the fascinating traces of the tradition to the evolution lain in the multiplicity offered by the digital technology. Cutting-edge technology and experienced personnel work together for what for us is a passion even before a job. A special mention deserves the photograph album.  It can appear reductive to talk about the “traditional” album as it is a “real” design object. They are produced by the Italian factory 5punto6 , based in Italy, whose attention to detail blend perfectly with my concept of photography and elegance.